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"Synth shaman DAMYN imbues his pop with musical complexities...With threads of the music of pop explorers such as David Bowie and Thom Yorke, DAMYN’s music is fraught with existential weight and the fragile emotions that come with it."

-Kevin Bronson, BUZZBANDS.LA


"The mystic in DAMYN is galactic...un-cans the vulgarity of the Universe we occupy, and tries to tear it to shreds with melodic alchemy and prosaic rapture."



"...offers emotional relief on an epic scale...If 'Other Side of The Glass' feels like the start of something special, that’s likely because it is. We don’t know what lies in store for us, but Damen Easton’s caught our attention."



"...sends facets of their own classical training into the contemporary pop consortium with the single 'Other Side of the Glass'. Musings upon moments & desires to move to the realms beyond the looking glass collect in a barrage of understated arrangements & emotive tinged vocals that carry the song forward & upward."

-Sjimon Gompers in "WEEK IN POP", IMPOSE Magazine


"'Could Be' is a rich and deep well of inner emotion, a song that we could only expect from an artist truly in tune with their own soul."

- Joseph Timmons, INDIEPULSE MUSIC


Press History:

8/29/2018 Middle Tennessee Music

8/23/2018 Last Day Deaf

8/11/2018 Buzzbands.la

8/7/2018 Comeherefloyd

8/6/2018 IndiePulse Music

4/16/2018 EDMboutique

2/16/2018 Impose Magazine

1/16/2018 Atwood Magazine

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What I sing about


We are naive, ignorant

Ignoring all warnings as we stumble toward catastrophe

And we are powerful

Powerful, curious infants

In circumstances beyond comprehension or control


These are the things I care to sing about


Can we find our hearts’ dwelling place,

Go to the place we don’t know,

Be strong enough not to use our strength,

Be alone and learn not to be alone?


These are the things I care to sing about


We don't know what comes next

There is mercy and yet we get away with nothing

The things we push aside come back

They'll have their day

As death has her day

With you

With me


One foot on solid ground,

The other ready for the path to change,

You try to live what you've learned

For there is a part of you that wants desperately to destroy you

And everything else

It is also divine

Like the candles we’re burning at both ends,

The towers we’re building up that can only fall,

The weightless ideals we love,

And to which we sacrifice the actual stuff of life,

Spilling it on the ground,

And like the part of us that insists that none of this is really happening

Nothing to see here


These are the things I care to sing about


Be a child with me

Starting anew

The path is illuminated, the sun at our backs

When it sets ahead, the clear path will be a memory

But we'll still have to choose

Maybe what you choose echoes forever

And the wind remembers it

But we must choose

This is the only reality we have

I suspect that it’s perfect


This is what I care to sing about

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